President’s Message – Summer 2023

(This message originally published in the PLPA Summer Newsletter – a copy of which is available by clicking this link.)

Summer is in full swing! And so were the black and deer and flies! There’s nothing that the PLPA can do about them, but we have been busy with many projects and activities to improve life here at the lake. And while time is flying (and the deer and black flies no longer are) – there’s still a lot of summer ahead of us!

Elsewhere in this newsletter you will read about our efforts to address the issue of invasive plant species, and of our recent meeting with Brookfield Renewables to get an update on the integrity of the dams at the western and eastern ends of the lake. But these are just some of the projects we’re working on to benefit the lake community.

Reminder about safe boating practices

Safe boating practices have been a theme for 2023. To increase safety and the protection of the shoreline, docks, swimmers, kayakers etc…we have undertaken a joint effort with the Peck’s to educate all boaters (property owners and campers) about the lake rules governing boating on the lake.

By email, posts to the website, and personal outreach, we have been reminding all the lake’s boaters to boat safely, be mindful of their speed near the shoreline, docks, swimmers, kayakers, canoers, sailboats, and of cutting in-between the designated “waterskiing” area when it us being used, or in the path of sailboats. You can find out more about the lake rules by clicking the “Lake Rules” link on the website. But as a reminder, boats are prohibited from exceeding 5 mph within 200 feet of the shoreline OR a docked or moored boat OR a dock.

Those who use motorized watercraft on Peck’s Lake are also reminded that New York State Law requires ALL PERSONS OPERATING MOTORIZED WATERCRAFT, regardless of age, to take an approved safety course and receive a boating safety certificate by January 1, 2025. Persons 40 years of age or under are already required to have successfully completed the course and have a valid safety certificate in order to lawfully operate motorized watercraft in New York State. You can find more information, and a link to the state webpage, by clicking the “Lake Rules” link at There you can find links to in-person and online classes.

Speeding cars and trucks

Speeding boats aren’t our only concern. Many have complained to me about cars, and particularly trucks, driving too fast on North and South Shore roads. As someone who walks their dog along North Shore, I know all too well that this is a danger. Last year we worked with the Town of Bleecker to officially lower the speed limit to 30 mph (from 50 mph). Thanks to councilpersons Dave Bartholemew and Shaun Croucher the town has begun installing 30 mph speed limit signs. We’re working on getting more. The speed limit on lake roads located in the Town of Johnstown was already 30 mph.

Tax Assessments

Increasing property tax assessments, particularly those located in the Town of Bleecker, are also a concern. Many properties at the lake had increases of 15% or more — some substantially more. The Bleecker Assessor has offered to meet with representatives of the PLPA to discuss the equity of the assessment process – and we will try and schedule that meeting sometime in August or early September. We’re also taking a close look at school tax disparities between properties in Bleecker versus those in Johnstown due to the differences in the equalization rates. You’ll be hearing more about this in the future.

Events at the Lake!

But everything is not doom and gloom! There’s also fun things planned! Already there’s been a lot going on at the lake — we’ve had the annual fireworks display, the Caroga Arts Music Festival performed their yearly concert at the lake, there was a successful breakfast fundraiser for the Schoolhouse (which I’m told is likely to become an annual event), and a ladies hike — just to name a few. In the coming weeks the PLPA’s Summerfest Committee will be sponsoring a kayak/canoe race, cornhole tournament and face-painting, and a bonfire by the picnic area at West Bay. There will also be a craft fair sponsored by our more crafty Peck Lakers. A complete schedule of events can be found by clicking the “PLPA Events” link at the new PLPA website (PLPA.ORG).

On the PLPA website, you’ll also find lots of useful information as well as posts about current and planned events at the lake – including the schedule for the deposit container drives. To date we’ve had three successful deposit container drives. The total proceeds for the year so far are $1,478.90. Thanks to all the volunteers who made that happen. And thanks, as well, to PLPA Vice-President Beth Flynn, who is sending out a “This week at the lake” email to alert the lake community of coming events.

Status of the Lawsuit

I am frequently asked about the status of the lawsuit – and the update is that there is no update at the time of writing. The motions were argued by the parties on March 6, 2023, and we are still waiting for a decision from the court. We will, of course, let you know when we hear anything.

If you haven’t, please renew your membership or join the PLPA

One last thing – there are still those who haven’t gotten around to renewing their membership in the PLPA. We rely on dues and donations, as well as the proceeds from the container drives and other fund-raising events, to support the many programs and activities we offer to the lake community – so if you haven’t gotten around to renewing your membership (or joining), please do so. Property owners and campers alike benefit from PLPA activities – you can find out more about what the PLPA does for the lake community by clicking the “About” link on the website. You can also pay your dues or make donations right on the website – or find out how to pay your dues by check.

Annual Meeting at the Marina

In a few weeks we will be holding our annual meeting at the Marina – so if there’s something on your mind, if you’d like to know more about what the PLPA is up to, or you’d like to vote for the slate of directors, I hope you’ll join us. Also – in addition to relying on dues and donations, we also rely on volunteers, so if you see a call for help, we hope you’ll consider volunteering, it’s a great way to meet your neighbors and learn more about the PLPA.

Hope you all continue to enjoy the rest of the summer!