Lake Rules

Peck’s Lake Boating Rules. These are the lake rules that are either part of your deed or rules that the Peck’s have made to ensure safe boating, swimming, and to protect the lake and shoreline.

A brief printable summary of some of the Lake Rules and helpful guidelines and suggestions can be found in our “Life at the Lake” document. Click the button below for a pdf copy.

You can also find a brief summary of the lake rules and suggested best practices by clicking here, or visiting the “News” section of the website.” To find out more about the restrictive covenants that are part of your deed, click this link.

Required New York State Safe Boating Certificate

An important reminder for all those who use motorized watercraft on Peck’s Lake. New York State Law requires ALL PERSONS OPERATING MOTORIZED WATERCRAFT, regardless of age, to take an approved safety course and receive a boating safety certificate by January 1, 2025. Persons 40 years of age or under are already required to have successfully completed the course and have a valid safety certificate in order to lawfully operate motorized watercraft in New York State. You can find more information by clicking this link, which will take you to the New York State website. Here you will find more information about the required safety certificate and where/how you can take the approved course in order to receive your certificate. Courses can be taken in person or online.


Revised April 2018

No boat launched upon or used upon the waters of Peck’s Lake shall:

  • Have more than two motors and a combined H.P. of said two motors together shall not exceed 40 H.P.; and no boat shall have any motor which exceeds the manufacturer’s rated capacity for the particular boat.
  • Be of the hydroplane or racing type.
  • Exceed 20 feet in length, nor be less than 3 ½ feet in width, 13 ½ feet in length, or 14 inches deep.
  • Be loaded with persons or property in excess of the manufacturer’s rated carrying
  • Be operated at a greater rate of speed than 15 miles per hour, except for waterskiing and similar water sports conducted in the designated waterski zone during waterskiing hours, nor at a greater rate of speed than 5 miles per hour when within 200 feet of the shoreline or within 200 feet of an anchored or moored boat.
  • Violate the New York State Navigation Law, nor the rules and regulations of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and Division of Motor Boats of the State of New York. When any of these regulations are more stringent than such law or rules and regulations, the provisions of these regulations shall apply.
  • Be used for other than recreational purposes.
  • Rules regarding boat operators:
    New York State law now requires that anyone under the age of 18 that desires to operate a boat must be in possession of a certificate stating that they have completed an approved safe boating course. In addition to this requirement, Peck’s Lake rules require:
  • No mechanically or motor propelled boat exceeding 3 ½ H.P. shall be operated by a child under 12 years of age, unless there be an adult present in the boat.
  • No mechanically or motor propelled boat exceeding 6 H.P. shall be operated by a child under 14 years of age, unless there be an adult present in the boat.
  • In addition, the following rules apply:
  • Any mechanically or motor propelled boat, exceeding 10 H.P. shall be equipped with a speedometer.
  • No sailboat, canoe or like or similar boats or vessels shall be used in or upon the waters of Peck’s Lake unless it shall comply in all respects with the safety requirements of the Peck Family.

Revised April 2018

Any canoe, kayak, or paddleboat launched upon the waters of Peck’s Lake shall:

  1. Be constructed of wood, aluminum, fiberglass, or Kevlar.
  2. Be constructed with flotation to support the craft and its occupants in the event of
  3. Not be loaded with persons or property to exceed the manufacturer’s rated carrying
    capacity or in any event with more than 3 persons. Occupants are to remain seated at all times.
  4. Paddle boats, kayaks, and double-ended canoes shall not have any motors attached.
  5. Square-ended canoes (so called “scanoes”) shall not have any motor attached greater than 3 H.P.
  6. Not be used or operated at a greater distance from the shoreline than 200 feet, except in calm water conditions.
  7. Only be used when all New York State regulations regarding the use of Personal
    Flotation Devices (PFD’s) are observed.
  8. Not contain any occupants who engage in any type of reckless activity.
  9. Be equipped with lights if used after dark.

Note: The above regulations cover canoes, kayaks, and paddleboats only. Rowboats and power boats are subject to specific regulations contained in deed restrictions and lake access agreements, and also to all New York State boating laws and regulations.
In New York State, no one under the age of 18 is allowed to operate a boat unless they have a certificate certifying that they have completed an approved boating safety course.