Third Deposit Drive Results

By Clif Wassell (Lake Committee Chair) – On Wednesday, July 5th, the third deposit container drive for 2023 was held. The container collection was very respectable with 7,986 donations collected. The proceeds from the haul were $479.16. The total proceeds for the year are $1,478.90.  

Bill Matuszak and Clif Wassel collected the containers from the South Shore Road, Steve Atcheson and John Dackow collected on the North Shore Road. The donations were collected at 9 AM and brought to the Peck Marina for sorting. 

Wednesday’s donations were sorted by a skilled and zealous team of Steve Atcheson, Drew Mihal, Sue Phillips, Kathy Merrill, Don Rahn, Don Mohr, Bob Wilson, Jim McCulley, John Dackow, Heather Werner, Bill Matuszak, and Clif Wassel. These volunteers were out in full force processing donations. Cans and plastic bottles were seen flying everywhere during the processing event.  A minimum of bantering occurred with volunteers keenly focused on the task at hand. The entire process was expedited by the numerous volunteers that answered the call for help this month. 

Thanks to everyone for their numerous contributions (7,986 containers in total). The next collection will be Monday, August 7th.  We ask that the  donations be brought to the end of your driveway by 8 AM for collection.

Any questions, please feel free to contact Clif Wassel 518-461-0714 or John Dackow 518-858-0217.

The fish thank you.

Clif Wassel, Lake Committee Chairperson