Message from Bleecker Town Councilmember Shawn Croucher

Road work update for North Shore Peck Lake per many conversations with Bleecker Road supervisor:

First the culverts are going to be replaced by the Fulton county soil conservation department, that will include at Evergreen and Sunrise Bay, and we will also be looking at other potential crossings on North shore.That has to be posted (This week?) prior to crossings. Time to install will be one day per culvert. Time frame for that is ASAP and we will have to work with the town and contractors in our travels for those. 

The overlay paving work is planned to be done from road end back toward the town of Johnstown line. We are also looking at weep areas which have caused potholes and addressing those prior to overlay paving.

This may include underground piping to remove groundwater pressure. This clearly needs to get done in advance of any overlay work. 

Given the time frame for this infrastructure work and the need to get a good handle on budget funds coming back from the state to provide for it, we won’t know the extent of overlay for a while.

Most  likely we will do culverts and subsurface piping first.

We expect overlay not to occur until September.

This time frame / details may  change and I will be sharing as I get them.

Best regards,
Shawn Croucher

Councilman Town of Bleecker