4th Deposit Drive a Success!

By Clif Wassel (Lake Committee Chair) – On Monday, August 7th, the fourth deposit container drive for 2023 was held. The container collection was 5,471 donations for this effort. The proceeds from the haul were $328.26. The total proceeds for the year are $1,807.16.  More residents appear to be donating to the deposit container drives in 2023 than during the previous year, 2022.  The donations this year are $568.78 more at this point than the fourth container drive during 2022.  The funds generated by the Deposit Container Drive Program are used for stocking fish, maintaining hazard buoys placed in the Lake, maintaining speed control markers, and Lake Habitat improvement. Keep downing those soft drinks. 

Rich Coffey and Clif Wassel collected the containers from the South Shore Road, while Steve Atcheson and John Dackow collected on the North Shore Road. The donations were collected at 8:30 AM and brought to the Peck Marina tent for sorting. The sorting participants were very thankful for the tent because the morning proved to be very wet.

Monday’s donations were sorted by a well-trained team of Beth Flynn (VP of PLPA and ranking PLPA officier at the event), Steve Atcheson, John Dackow, Lynn Smolik (clerk of the works and chief recorder), Denise Soucar (Senior Sorter), Rich Coffey, and Clif Wassel. These volunteers were out in full force, in the very damp weather, processing donations. John Dackow again astounded everyone with his extra ordinary skill of backing his trailer between Peck patrons using the shower facilities. He accomplished this feat with a minimal of damage to the bathers and nearby structures.

Thanks to everyone for their numerous contributions (5,471 containers in total). A special thanks to Peck family for the use of their facilities at the Marina.  The next collection will be Tuesday, September 5th.  We ask that the donations be brought to the end of your driveway by 8 AM for collection.

Any questions, please feel free to contact Clif Wassel 518-461-0714 or John Dackow 518-858-0217.

The Lake Committee thanks you.

Clif Wassel, Lake Committee Chairperson