Pay your dues or make a donation to the PLPA.

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Pay your dues or donate by mail. You can send your check made out to the PLPA to PLPA, 1 North Shore Dr, Gloversville, NY 12078. Annual dues for property owners are $50, for Camper/Affiliates $25. For Donations, please specify the intended use for your donation — fish fund, fireworks, trail maintenance, etc…

To pay your dues by credit card, choose either the Member (Property owners only) or Camper/Affiliate member from the options below. Your dues will be automatically placed in the cart and when you’re ready press the “View cart” link.

To make a Donation by credit card, select one (or more) of the type(s) of donation(s) you’d like to make. You can make more than one donation if you would like to make different donations for different purposes. They will be placed in your cart and you can pay for them all at once.

NOTE: You can pay dues and make donations at the same time by just adding them to your cart!

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